• Winter Solstice

    Winter Solstice

    On Dec 21 at 2:02am PST the Earth is tilted away the furthest from the sun: Winter Solstice. Starting this year I have decided to celebrate the Winter Solstice (or “Yule”) instead of Christmas. Christmas brings a lot of joy to people and that is wonderful. I love time with friends and family as much…

  • PCT 2020

    PCT 2020

    For those of you who haven’t done so, please make sure to check my PCT hike blog at biggihikes.com I am currently hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and am posting updates there every day. Please follow along and send a comment through the blog!

  • Tanzania and Mt. Kilimanjaro

    Tanzania and Mt. Kilimanjaro

    What an adventure! While still working on the jetlag, I have finally uploaded all pictures and shared a few notes on our adventures in Tanzania. Please make sure to check it out here! The German version of the story can be found here …

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