Doctor of Philosophy (Marketing)
University of Otago (New Zealand) – August 2005
Thesis Abstract: “The Use of Web Metrics for Online Strategic Decision-Making”

Award of Achievement in Web Analytics (Business Admin)
University of British Columbia – April 2011

University of Montana (Missoula, MT) – May 2000
Thesis Abstract: “Using Permission-based E-mail as a Medium for Customer Communications”

Master of Science (Business Admin)
University of Regensburg (Germany) – June 1997

Most recent employment:


September 2010 to present: Open Learning Faculty Member, TRU/BC Open Learning

January 2009 to present: Senior Partner, F5 Marketing Group, Kelowna

August 2008 to present: Adjunct Professor at University of British Columbia Okanagan, Kelowna

March to October 2009: Technographer, Tier III Program Review, Okanagan School of Business

August 2008 to present: College Professor at Okanagan College, Kelowna

Nov 2009 to May 2010: Course Developer ADMN 344 E-Commerce, TRU/BC Open Learning

Sept 2007 to June 2008: Senior Research Analyst at Enquiro Search Solutions, Kelowna

December 2007: Professor for Strategic Management at Tianjin U. of Technology, China

Employment History:


Sept 2006 to Sept 2007             Freelance Work in Online Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Web Analytics and Marketing Plans

May 1999 to August 2008         Web Marketing Consultant; Goodwill Communications; Burke, VA

December 2005                           Professor for Marketing at Shanghai Institute of Technology, China

January 2005 to Sept 2005      Lecturer, University of Otago (NZ), Department of Marketing

Feb 2004 to Sept 2005               Website co-administrator; University of Otago (NZ), Dept of Marketing

Feb 2002 to Jan 2005                 Teaching Fellow; University of Otago (NZ), Department of Marketing

Nov 2000 to June 2006             Online Marketing Consultant; Cyberwave Media; Maui, HI

May to Nov 2000                          Marketing Consultant; Community Medical Centre Foundation; Missoula, MT

Feb 1999 to June 2000               Graduate Assistant to Professor Mary Ellen Campbell; University of Montana; Missoula, MT

Jan to Dec 1998                              Management Trainee; Enterprise Rent-a-car; Fremont, CA

April to Dec 1997                          Supervisor for Internet Marketing; b.a.s. interactive; Munich, Germany

Sept 1993 to Dec 1994                Advertising/PR Trainee and Freelancer; A.X.I.S Advertising; Regensburg, Germany

Refereed Journal Articles:


“Website Optimization with Web Metrics: A Case Study” (2006); Birgit Weischedel, Eelko Huizingh; Information & Management (under review).

“The Use of Emetrics in Strategic Marketing Decisions – A Preliminary Investigation” (2005), International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising; Vol. 2 No. 1/2; Birgit Weischedel, Sheelagh Matear, Kenneth R. Deans, p. 109-125.

“A Qualitative Approach to Investigating Online Strategic Decision-Making” (2005), Qualitative Market Research; Vol. 8 No. 1; Birgit Weischedel, Sheelagh Matear, Kenneth R. Deans, p. 61-76.

Refereed Conference Proceedings:


“Website Optimization with Web Metrics: A Case Study”; Birgit Weischedel, Eelko Huizingh; Eighth International Conference on Electronic Commerce (Fredericton, New Brunswick; August 14-16, 2006).

“Emetrics – An Empirical Study of Marketing Performance Measures for Web Businesses”; Birgit Weischedel, Kenneth R. Deans, Sheelagh Matear; Performance Measurement Association Conference 2004 (Edinburgh, UK; July 28-30, 2004)

“The Use of E-metrics in Strategic Marketing Decisions – A Preliminary Investigation”; Birgit Weischedel, Sheelagh Matear, Kenneth R. Deans; Business Excellence ’03 (Guimaraes, Portugal; June 10-13, 2003)

“Successful Email Strategies for Global Communications: Overcoming the Delete Factor”; MaryEllen Campbell, Birgit Weischedel; Association of Business Communications 66th Annual Convention (San Diego, California; November 7-10, 2001)

“Strategic Email: A Tool For Effective International Communications”; MaryEllen Campbell, Birgit Weischedel; Academy of Business Administration International Conference (Lisbon, Portugal; August 2001)

“Strategic Email: The Vehicle That Brings Small Businesses To The World”; MaryEllen Campbell, Birgit Weischedel; Association for Business Communication Int’l Conference (Vancouver, BC; April 2001)

Service to the Community:


Marketing Director and Website Administrator, Kelowna Apple Triathlon (May 2006 to present)

Marketing Director, Across the Lake Swim Society (January 2009 to present)

Ad hoc reviewer, Annals of Tourism Research (ATR) (May 2004)
Examiner MBus thesis on Marketing Networks (July 2005)

Teaching Activities:


Class Subject Year Responsibility
MART 206 Marketing on the Internet January 2002 Tutor
MART 430 Internet Marketing January 2002 Lecturer & Tutor
MART 203 Pricing & Distribution Mgmt September 2002 Tutor
MART 302 Marketing Mgmt in Practice September 2002 Tutor
MART 301 Strategic Marketing Mgmt January 2003 – 2005 Lecturer/Coordinator/Tutor
BBUS 344 B2B Marketing December 2005 Professor
BBUS 348 Marketing Research December 2005 Professor
BBUS 478 Strategic Management December 2007 Professor
BUAD 116 Marketing Sept 2008; Jan 2009/2010 Professor (OC)
BUAD 128 Computer Applications 2008 to 2012 Professor (OC)
MGMT 423 E-Commerce Sept 2008 to 2011 Professor (UBCO)
BUAD 335 E Commerce January 2009 & 2010 Professor (OC)
MGMT 320 Marketing September 2010 Professor (UBCO)
BUAD 123 Management Principles September 2009 Professor (OC)
MGMT 441 Market Strategy January 2011 Professor (UBCO)
MGMT 444 Market Research January 2011 & 2012 Professor (UBCO)
BUAD 334 Sports & Event Marketing January 2011 & 2012 Professor (OC)
BBUS 4451 E Commerce (Online) August 2011; May 2012 Professor (TRU)
CONV 1061 Event Marketing (Online) May 2012 Professor TRU)
BUAD 176 Personal Selling (Online) May 2012 Professor (OC)
BUAD 293 Entrepreneurship (Online) May 2012 Professor (OC)


“Grant in Aid” awarded by Okanagan College for conference travel to Montreal (April 2011)

“Grant in Aid” awarded by Okanagan College for personal development in the area of web analytics; used for Award of Achievement in Web Analytics (April 2010)

“Grant in Aid” awarded by Okanagan College for personal development in the area of web analytics; used for Google Analytics seminar (April 2009)

Awarded University of Otago School of Business Research Grant ($3,500) to expand research within web metrics area, enabling cross-country comparisons (2003)

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