Skate Ski Suisse Style

SkateSkiSuisse-002You probably would have guessed that I would spend at least a day skate skiing while here in Europe 🙂 I did … today … Suisse style! While we typically drive to our ski destination in Canada, I decided to use train and bus today to get into

the Swiss Alps. No worries about road conditions, stress-free travels, and about as fast as driving. One can read, enjoy the scenery, go to the bathroom, chat with the locals. So here is how this worked:SkateSkiSuisse-006

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Ready to ski!

It was the first day of skate skiing on Saturday. It feels so good to be back on the skis! Gorgeous sunshine, great conditions and of course fun company. The break between the last cycle and the first ski always seems too long. I’m hoping to ski A LOT this winter; it’s just the perfect…

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