Busy summer!

I am not lying when I say that every weekend of the summer is fully planned out! It started with the race in Boise and the trip to Europe for Ironman Austria. Then the 2012 edition of the Across The Lake Swim came and went, with another successful event in the books now. During the…

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Ironman Austria Race Report

First of all, thank you to everybody who has supported me in my training, has sent me off with well wishes and was following my race online or in spirit! I was thinking about you during the race and am lucky to have such great friends!

Ironman Austria (all pictures here) was the most scenic and best-organized race I have done. I can’t even recall all the little details they had worked on and provided to the racers to support them and make the day easier. The location is spectacular, in the Kaernten region with Lake Woerthersee in the background (and as swim venue). Even though it was hazy we could see the high alpine peaks in the distance.

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