Manning Park

Our trip to Manning Park (the second within a month) was fantastic! Another thing off the bucket list: “Climbing Frosty Mountain” – check! It was quite a long trip up and down the highest peak in the park (28km; 1200m elevation gain) but we were rewarded with spectacular views, wildflowers, gorgeous trails and great company.…

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Sorry, it’s been a while since I have posted news on this blog. All of August rushed by in a blur as I was trying to deal with the loss of my beloved dog. I will post more on this when I can stomach it. It’s still raw and hard to hold back the tears. In addition, Graham’s apartment fell victim to a big fire which temporarily placed him into my house and added lots of hassles and issues to deal with. Add events and races on every weekend, and it becomes clear why I have neglected this blog.

First weekend of August: A trip to Manning Park to hike and relax. Glorious weather!

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The big 4-0

Well, it has come and gone, and I have now joined the “40-something” club! I had plenty of opportunity to celebrate my big birthday, and I am blessed with wonderful friends who partied with me. First, Mona (who also had a big birthday this month!) and I invited our cycling buddies to spend a weekend…

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