Kitchen Renos Done

Finally, after quite a few weeks of chaos in my house, the much-anticipated kitchen renovations are completed!
A new dark-grey concrete countertop was installed, and the walls improved with a glass/marble backsplash. Then I painted the whole room blue to match the new colors and voila … a much prettier sight now!

Training Update

Training for my Half Ironman race in June is on track … I have been running many kilometers on the trails in Myra Bellevue Park, trying to build the leg strength for a half marathon after 90km on the bike. And our cycling group (the Killer Beez) has been doing longer rides, for example 112km yesterday…

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Ski 2 Sea 2011

Our team for the Ski2Sea race this year did amazingly well! We improved last year’s time by almost 30 min, and everybody seemed to enjoy their legs! Richard started off with the fastest ever time for the Alpine leg (tough run up a ski run followed by “some” skiing!), after which I took over for…

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