Team Snap

Our new team uniform has arrived! James from Snap Okanagan (a local newspaper) is sponsoring a triathlon team this year – and I’m lucky to be a part of it! We just received the (sponsored) kit … loving the fabrics, the color, the new gear! Thanks James!

Baldy – deep in snow!

The trip to Mt. Baldy last weekend turned into a major snow-shoveling adventure: 3 feet of snow had falling in the 5 days prior, and everything, including staircases, parking bays and patios, was covered in A LOT of snow! After the work was done, we enjoyed some great xc ski and snowshoe outings … tiring…

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WA Weekend

Just got back on Sunday night from another wonderful weekend in Winthrop! The snow conditions are great at the moment, and we got to ski lots! On Friday and then again on Sunday, we took Kootenai and two “loaner” dogs to Big Valley. The dogs just love getting out and running on this dog-friendly trail.…

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