Trail Run

This morning I took the dog out for another great trail run. I went into Myra Bellevue Provincial Park and ran my usual loop to Flamingo Flats, then down via Race Classic (for those of you who know the area). It totals about 11.5km. Everything looks fresh and clean, and the recent rain really settled…

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Riding in Enderby

Today we did a scenic bike ride from Armstrong to Enderby (north of Vernon, BC). Even though it looked like it could rain on us, we got lucky and mostly avoided the clouds. Of course, the ride involved a coffee stop and lunch at the pub afterwards! Check out the pictures here! Tomorrow there will…

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It’s hot

Summer has arrived in Kelowna! Today we hit 28 degrees … nice temperature for a morning bike ride and a relaxing break on the patio. The dog also enjoyed being outside and stretching in the grass.

Tomorrow, we will be at the Oliver Sprint and Olympic triathlon, officiating for TriBC. Usually that means patrolling the bike course (on the back of a motorcycle) and check for drafting, littering and other rule violations. The weather should be warm again but overcast so hopefully the sun won’t burn down on us as much. I might have to bring my wetsuit and jump into Tuc-el-Nuit lake after our duties are done.

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