An active 2013

Okay so it took me a while to post ALL my 2013 training and racing pictures … but better late than never. I noticed that I hadn’t posted the shots from the Cutthroat Classic (a favourite of mine, over Cutthroat Pass in the North Cascades, WA), a race that once again blew me away with the amazing scenery and organization. I’d rather forget the spill I took, literally 100m from the finish (but luckily around a corner so that nobody saw my face plant!), but otherwise I loved every minute of this. It’s a demanding uphill climb of 5miles, the a fast downhill for 6 miles. I will be back next year!

An annual tradition of mine is participating in the Grand Columbian half iron race in September in Grand Coulee, WA. Once again, a great experience! I sure hope this race continues! Check this video, showing a few seconds of the bike ride among the fields on the plateau above Grand Coulee … and maybe understand why I love it so much.

Now we are already well into the winter of 2013/2014, and I have already had lots of snow adventures. Watch this spot for updates!

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