Back to Work

It is that time of the year again … back to work at the university! This semester I am teaching full time at UBCO, with one section of my regular E Commerce course as well as three sections of the third year Marketing course. So far I am enjoying it a lot … even though I have about 210 new faces to get to know! I still commute on the bus which gives me some time to relax in the mornings before the teaching starts. So far so good!

This upcoming weekend (Sept 18) I will be racing my last major triathlon of the season. It is the Grand Columbian half ironman in Grand Coulee, Washington. I am looking forward to it! The following weekend, there is a chance I will be participating in the first off road triathlon here in Kelowna. Friends are putting on an XTERRA race on the ski trails at McCulloch, and even though I am somewhat scared to be racing on a mountainbike (going over logs, through ruts and tall grasses etc … yes, I know, I’m a chicken!) I might just give it a try. Will keep you posted!

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