Busy summer!

I am not lying when I say that every weekend of the summer is fully planned out! It started with the race in Boise and the trip to Europe for Ironman Austria. Then the 2012 edition of the Across The Lake Swim came and went, with another successful event in the books now. During the Olympics, much time (atypical for me) was spent in front of the TV, often early in the morning or even in the middle of the night. I just didn’t want to miss the live coverage of some of the exciting races!
The next race for me was the 3.1km Rattlesnake Island swim (open water swim in Okanagan lake; 1st in my age group), followed by a very busy Apple Triathlon weekend. Starting on Friday with the Aquathon, we spent most of the weekend at the race venue.
I officiated on Saturday for the kids and Junior Elite races, then had a few hours to recover at home for my race the next morning. The conditions were perfect for my Olympic distance race and I had a good time and result (3rd). Back to officiating after I was done, and by then the heat really started to affect all of us. It got up to 35C that day, really a scorcher. By the time I got home at 5pm, I was completely exhausted. But … there was packing to do for the 2-day hike the next day! Our epic adventure on the High Rim Trail deserves a separate post when I get some pictures.
Tomorrow we are off to Winthrop for a trail race, then back to Penticton on Sat for the officials meeting. Officiating all day at Ironman Penticton on Sunday. The weekends after that: a wedding, a hiking trip, a half ironman race, a trail race, then off to Hawaii.
Oh and of course classes are starting so lots of prep and work to do. I might have forgotten something but the point is: it’s been and will continue to be very busy 🙂

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