Kracker Kauai

Fresh online: All the pictures from our trip to Kauai! It was another great trip to Hawaii, and a new experience on this smaller island. We kept busy with hiking, exploring, eating and swimming. One of the highlights were the many waterfalls we got to enjoy, and one particularly gorgeous setting kept us busy for a long while … see for yourself:

Tarzan – Mark
Jane – Dale
Tarzan 2 – Graham
Tarzan 2 and Jane
Two Tarzans and a Jane

You decide who won the prize for best swing 🙂

After our time in Kauai, we flew to Kona for the annual Kukio Blue Water Swim (2km). We have no pictures but it was another great day in Kukio Bay, with good swimming conditions (a bit of a side current) and lots of good food after the race (add beer, add smoothies). Our highlight was seeing Graham compete in his first open water swim race, and he did fantastic. As always, the hardest part is coming back home to fall temperatures …

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