November Swims

Yes, you are correct, we are still swimming in the lake! Looks like last year’s record (mid November) can be broken since I have company this year: Mark and John have been swimming with me, even pushing longer distances and quite happily agreeing to the next swim each time we’re out. Anybody who has never swum in the fall/winter, they don’t know what they are missing. Sure, it’s a bit colder than in the summer 🙂 but the colors in the trees on shore are gorgeous, there are no boats or other swimmers, and the water is usually like a mirror. It is pretty cold until about 100-150m from shore, then it warms up. Today we measured 9 degrees closer to shore but it was at least 3 degrees warmer further out. Here is today’s workout, recorded on GPS: Click here

Not sure how long we keep going but you can tell, we dread going to the pool and staring at the blue line for the rest of the winter!

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