Ski 2 Sea 2011

Our team for the Ski2Sea race this year did amazingly well! We improved last year’s time by almost 30 min, and everybody seemed to enjoy their legs!

Richard started off with the fastest ever time for the Alpine leg (tough run up a ski run followed by “some” skiing!), after which I took over for the Nordic leg. It went well, despite the lack of food and therefore energy while I was prepping for a medical test the next day. Graham got really muddy on the MTB leg but it didn’t slow him down! Alistair cycled into town, starting in snow but finishing in lovely cycling weather; Peter ran fast to the beach, and Dno and Daryl paddled like madmen across the lake! A great day! Daryl even won a spot prize … Guess what? Beer for a year from a local brewery! Needless to say we already started digging into that …

Thanks to everybody for putting in the effort for The Beez team!

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