Sun Peaks

Our second annual ski weekend saw us staying at Sun Peaks, BC, for 4 days. What a blast! We were renting a house that turned out to be super-nice (5 bedrooms, 4 baths, huge kitchen), super-convenient (right on the downhill and xc ski trails) and wonderful to relax in. We skied the xc ski trails which even includes a ride in one of the chairlifts to access the xc trails on top of the mountain … and a fun downhill to connect to the other trails. The first day was somewhat cold but then it warmed up and we really enjoyed our time on the trails (GPS Download). We had yummy breakfasts, delicious dinners in the village and plenty of chat/reading time at the house. During our last lunch before heading home we even got to chat with Nancy Greene! (non-Canadians, look her up online!)

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