The big 4-0

Well, it has come and gone, and I have now joined the “40-something” club! I had plenty of opportunity to celebrate my big birthday, and I am blessed with wonderful friends who partied with me. First, Mona (who also had a big birthday this month!) and I invited our cycling buddies to spend a weekend with us in New Denver in the Kootenays. So much fun! Check out the pictures! We stayed at the Dome Quixote, had some meals catered by local resident Madeleine, cycled, hiked, visited natural hot springs, had some more food and wine, had happy hour outside our cottages, chatted over lots of coffees and explored some of the local markets. Mona and I even got to swim in Slocan Lake on the last morning.

On the actual birthday, quite a few friends took the time to stop over at Cabana’s to have a drink with me. It was a gorgeous warm day, and the patio was busy with chatting and laughing as friends from different areas of my “life” met and mingled. We concluded the evening with a yummy meal at Bordello’s with some close friends. So … I can’t complain … I really did celebrate this one in style!

But where has the time gone? 40? Didn’t I just turn 30? In the end it doesn’t matter … I am enjoying life, I am happy and healthy; what more could I ask for. Next year is another Ironman year so the training always keeps me on my toes. And as I said above, it’s the friends that really matter. Thanks to everybody who paid their tribute this last week. I appreciate all of you!

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