Almost Christmas

I have been a little lazy with keeping blog posts coming here … and I don’t even have a good excuse 🙂 Maybe I just got too busy with the end of the semester, lots of xc skiing, swimming and gym workouts. Christmas is getting closer and it sure has been cold around here (-3 to -1 during the days). No major new snow since the first dump in November so we really need some more to add more variety to our ski trails. We have been skiing Nordic here in Kelowna and Sovereign Lake in Vernon. The conditions are great and the weather has been cooperative.

For Christmas I will be heading back to the snowy paradise that is Winthrop and I will send notes from there. New Year’s will be spent in Kelowna. What are you doing this holiday season, and what are you looking forward to most? For me, it’s a quiet Christmas in the snow with wagging dog tails and hanging dog tongues after a good ski!

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