ATLS 2010

Finally, after almost a year of preparation, our big event, the 62nd annual Across the Lake Swim, took place last Saturday. I won’t bore you with the details of all the things we revamped, organized, argued about, ordered, purchased and discussed … but it was a lot of work, especially in the last few weeks. However, working with a great team of dedicated volunteers made it fun and worthwhile. Everything went very smoothly, the weather cooperated, and 450 swimmers enjoyed a gorgeous morning in the warm Lake Okanagan. My own swim went well too (under 30min for the 2.1km swim); check the results here.

After catching up on some sleep in the last few days, it is now time to pack for the big trip to Germany! Leaving tomorrow, I will have to substitute my Gyro swims with swims in Lake Constance! Check this blog for updates …

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