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Yes, I know this sounds odd … to admit that I was watching TV while we are having the most gorgeous summer weather. But it wasn’t for very long, and only on Saturday morning. First there was the Germany soccer game to watch, then the start of the Tour. I have been trying to catch at least one hour of the Tour each morning since then, even changing my regular swim time to 6am so that I can enjoy some cycling action with a cup of coffee before starting the day. It’s great that our Canadian broadcast is early in the morning (5.30am to 8.30am), makes it much easier to fit it into your day.

Last Thursday was Canada Day, and a group of us decided to celebrate it with a climb up a local mountain (Blue Grouse). It was a good climb and a fantastic view from the top! Check out the pictures here. After a shower and some cleaning up, we met at Tom and Mona’s house for a potluck, pictures/videos and a movie. Overall, a wonderful day with fun active people, and with a great reward for our efforts during the hike (I heard we finished 10 bottles of wine between all of us – I guess we had to rehydrate!) ……(read more)On Saturday and Sunday, we enjoyed great local bike rides … a more leisurely one on Saturday and the traditional Sunday morning Beez ride the next day. My legs are starting to feel stronger! The swimming is also going well and I train at least 3 times a week. The lake has warmed up a lot and has lots of water in it so the swimming has been fun (remember, we started open water swims in April when it was really cold and really shallow!). I am looking forward to the Across the Lake Swim next Saturday, the Lake Swim in Konstanz on July 25, the Rattlesnake Island swim in August and the Kona open water swim in October. A season of lake swims! I will also be racing the Apple Triathlon in August as well as the Grand Columbian Half Ironman in September in Grand Coulee, WA. Wish me luck!

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