Magic of Christmas

Okay so I might be biased, having grown up in Germany. But I have yet to find another place on earth where Christmas is as festive, social, yummy and traditional as in Germany. Graham and I were lucky to spend 2.5 weeks with my parents during the holiday season, and thoroughly enjoyed the treats, cookies, and LOTS of Glühwein 🙂

We also got to spend 4 days in Grindelwald, Switzerland, where we had fun sledding (watch the champion sledder!), hiking and enjoying the view from the Jungfraujoch. It is quite an adventure to take the train through the Eiger to get to 3545m! Luckily we caught an early train and had about an hour of sunshine and unlimited visibility, before a major storm hit and turned the -24C into -40C with windchill and NO visibility.

We watched the fireworks in the neighbourhood and across the lake for a good half hour on New Year’s Eve … they had to make up for the bad music and entertainment on TV during the evening 🙂 It was great to see family, spend time together, play cards and share laughs!

Check out the pictures. And consider experiencing the magic of Christmas in Germany yourself!

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