The last of the winter …

As we are enjoying another foot of fresh powder here at Silver Star, the sad truth is that it’s probably the last bit of white on the ground we will see until next winter. It has been incredible, with lots of adventures and time in the snow. My new-found love of backcountry skiing and ski touring meant that I spent even more time outside, on top of the regular skate ski outings. I explored trails in Revelstoke, Winthrop and Canmore, besides our local trails and slopes at Nordic, Big White and Silver Star. Check this video of today’s skin around Silver Star resort with lots of powder and superblue skies. If you ask me, I wouldn’t give it up just yet 🙂 All pictures are posted here.

North Cascades

However, the dry sunny weather in the Okanagan valley also means that the trail running season is in full swing, without having to slog through snow-covered, deeply rutted trails. It does feel good to be able to stride out and cover more distance. Bears and more deer should be out. With a first practice race of 25km happening next weekend, I am currently training hard for my first 50km ultra race in May in Winthrop. I am curious to see how my body will hold up!

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