Planning 2014

I realize we are well into 2014 already. The first few months were spent mainly in the snow, with lots of skate skiing, skinning and snowshoeing. There isn’t much that can beat hiking up to the top of a mountain in fresh powder at the break of dawn, then skiing or snowshoeing down to a hot coffee. I was lucky to spend 3 weeks in Winthrop and 2 weeks in Canmore, exploring the snowy landscapes there.

Early sun at Big White
Early sun at Big White

This year will see one destination crossed off the bucket list: Norway! We will be admiring the Midnight Sun in Tromso and then touring the country (with stops in Copenhagen and Stockholm). No doubt, many pictures and trip reports will follow! I am also finally adding my own experience to all the books and reports I have read, and will hike the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) for two weeks. It’s a very short introduction to what would be a 5 month trip when doing a thru hike. Who knows, maybe one day in my life it will be possible!

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