Winthrop Winter Wonderland

The day I left for Winthrop early in the morning, the roads were bad. Of course it had to snow the day/night before and I wasn’t happy when I left with the car loaded with skis, the dog, some food and lots of gear. But we made it okay and actually enjoyed the scenic drive! So now Kootenai and I are in Winthrop, WA, for the Christmas break … as many of you know, one of my favorite places in the world! We are housesitting and are kept busy taking care of 3 horses, 3 other dogs, a cat and some fish. But most importantly: The snow is awesome, and the ski trails start just 200m across a field from the house. Does it get any better?

On top of the 2-3 feet of snow that was here when we arrived, it has been snowing almost constantly and probably added another foot or so. The conditions for skiing are great, and MVSTA is doing a fantastic job grooming every day, as always. I got to see some of the familiar faces around town already, and am looking forward to more skiing, chatting, coffees and … oh yes, lots of work for the next semester. Happy Holidays!

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