And … it’s gone …

The snow is gone and has made room for dry roads, sunny afternoons and road cycling weather! I feel like I maximized the time in the white fluff, with lots of skate ski outings, backcountry ski training mornings (Big White) and the big trips to Sol Mountain in December and on the Wapta Icefield in April. Besides enjoying the testing of ski gear and clothing, I really value the peace and quiet on the glaciers and among the trees in the backcountry. I made new friends during the week-long trips and hope to go back to the icefields next year. 

Please make sure to check out the pictures!

Plans for the summer are shaping up. After another trail running race (Sun Mountain 50km) in May, the focus will be on travels with the RV as well as spending time in the backcountry of the Cascades with the dog. We both love the simple life out of a backpack, morning coffees with amazing views and a return to Stehekin to see friends we made last year.

Pictures to follow!

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