Races Over Training Not

… The 2011 trail running season is completed, with the last two events (IRA XC series, first in Summerland and then in Vernon) being very enjoyable and fun! Summerland was a great course with a smaller group of racers participating, while the season finale in Vernon saw more runners which quickly spread out over the 9.5km course. It’s sad that these short fun races are done for this year but there’s always the next year!
We will certainly continue to run the trails as long as we can, even after the snow hits (that’s what you have good gear for, after all!). I am considering upping my trail racing distance to a 50km event early next year in preparation for Ironman and to keep motivated to run throughout the winter (long treadmill runs just aren’t a lot of fun …).

What are your plans for the winter?

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