Hiking the Valhallas

A 3-day hiking trip with the Ferguson’s took us into the Valhalla region west of Slocan. The first day saw us driving from Kelowna to Fauquier, stopping in for a beer with our friends Bud and Roberta, then continuing on to the Lemon Creek Lodge south of Slocan. A quiet and idyllic piece of this…

Full Moon Swim

Oh my, sometimes we do crazy stuff … like the 2010 Full Moon Swim! A perfect night with a perfect moon, a warm Lake Okanagan and about 20 fearless souls, donning glowsticks around the necks and wrists, and decorating the 11 buoys of the Gyro Swim Loop with glowsticks as well. Needless to say ……

2010 Apple in the Books

The big race weekend has come and gone … the 2010 Kelowna Apple Triathlon is in the books! A year of working towards this date has paid off, with a very successful, record-setting event this past weekend. It started on Friday evening with the Aquathon (I assisted as the lead cyclist) and the 1.5km open…

Back home

The time in Europe went by way too fast! We’ve already been home over a week now, and everything is back to normal. It is full blown summer here in Kelowna, with 30+ degrees every day. The lake is more than 22 degrees warm, and I have been swimming almost every morning. My last open water swim race, the Rattlesnake Island swim on August 13 went very well … second woman only 10 seconds behind first (a young kid). All I wanted is to improve my personal best, and I did!

The rest of our time in Germany was a lot of fun …

Update from Germany: Lake Swim

We have been in Germany for 3 days by now … jetlag is not too bad, weather has been pretty rainy but today was a sunny and warm day. The weather improved just in time for the 32nd annual lake swim here in Lake Constance. As opposed to the “heavily organized” Across the Lake Swim,…

ATLS 2010

Finally, after almost a year of preparation, our big event, the 62nd annual Across the Lake Swim, took place last Saturday. I won’t bore you with the details of all the things we revamped, organized, argued about, ordered, purchased and discussed … but it was a lot of work, especially in the last few weeks.…

Cycle – Hike – Watch TV

Yes, I know this sounds odd … to admit that I was watching TV while we are having the most gorgeous summer weather. But it wasn’t for very long, and only on Saturday morning. First there was the Germany soccer game to watch, then the start of the Tour. I have been trying to catch at least one hour of the Tour each morning since then, even changing my regular swim time to 6am so that I can enjoy some cycling action with a cup of coffee before starting the day. It’s great that our Canadian broadcast is early in the morning (5.30am to 8.30am), makes it much easier to fit it into your day.

Last Thursday was Canada Day, and a group of us decided to celebrate it with a climb up a local mountain (Blue Grouse). It was a good climb and a fantastic view from the top! Check out the pictures here. After a shower and some cleaning up, we met at Tom and Mona’s house for a potluck, pictures/videos and a movie. Overall, a wonderful day with fun active people, and with a great reward for our efforts during the hike (I heard we finished 10 bottles of wine between all of us – I guess we had to rehydrate!) ……(read more)

Swim – Hike – Cycle

Another wonderful weekend has come and gone. It started with a fabulous swim on Friday morning in a warm and very calm lake. We swam for 3.4 km before grabbing a coffee at Starbucks.

On Saturday, a goal I have had for a while became reality: Hiking the High Rim Trail. This trail runs from Highway 33 at Philpott Road for 57km all the way to Cosens Bay in Vernon. We hiked the section from Goudie Road to Beaver Lake Road, about 20km (or 24km for us with an “oops” out and back). Our group of 10 included my friends Mona, Tom, Kristen, Bev, Lisa and Graham as well as 3 of Bev’s coworkers (Steven, Pat and Dallas). A great bunch of people!  Here is the GPS

We enjoyed wonderful views of Kelowna and the surrounding valley, and hiked through many different types of vegetation (dense woods, swamplands, lush fern-covered areas, exposed dry sections, etc.). Steven, the bird expert, was able to identify many different species of birds during our (almost 8 hour) hike. The lunch and snacks tasted so good while on the trail!