WA Weekend

Just got back on Sunday night from another wonderful weekend in Winthrop! The snow conditions are great at the moment, and we got to ski lots! On Friday and then again on Sunday, we took Kootenai and two “loaner” dogs to Big Valley. The dogs just love getting out and running on this dog-friendly trail.…

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Dual Mountain Ski

To break up the routine, we skied from Sovereign Lake to Silver Star (and back) last Saturday. With lots of energy from a good breakfast together, we tackled the (cold but sunny) ski with lots of smiles. It involved a chair lift ride, some “portages” in Silver Star village, and a nice lunch at Paradise…

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As Seen On TV

Did you watch the Superbowl on Sunday? Without much interest in the game itself, I really enjoyed watching the (expensive) commercials during the breaks. My favorite is the Volkswagen – Star Wars clip (on YouTube). I couldn’t help but posting it here on the blog as I think it is a fine example of advertising…

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Better Late Than Never!

It has been a while but our trip to Kona for the 2010 Ironman World Championships in October is far from forgotten! It has taken me until now to work through the pictures and upload the best shots. As every year, this was another active adventure with lots of swimming, sightseeing, shopping and watching incredibly…

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What My Friends Love

barnavalancheWhat a day! It started with the discovery that a major roof avalanche had cut off the horses from the arena (and the pony from getting out of the barn after the night). It took me a while to shovel out a small passage (Graham, you would have loved it!) so that the horses can move around again, and they actually seem to enjoy their little snow bridge now!

After my chores around the farm (Ellen, you would have love it!), I met with Dave for an update on what’s been going on business-wise in the Methow Valley. Then Dave was kind enough to drive me to the “end of the road” (where the road is closed in the winter) and the start of the Methow Community Trail (MCT). This is just a few km’s past Mazama. Thank you so much for that, Dave!

My goal was to ski the entire MCT today. I couldn’t have picked a better day: Starting west of Mazama, it had started snowing and the groomed trails already had powder on them again. Going was slow in the beginning and I was cursing my wax 🙂 (Richard, you would have loved it!). But then it cleared just past Mazama and the snow was great … (read on)MCT on the Suspension Bridge

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